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Main Menu / Päävalikko
« on: November 24, 2016, 03:49:20 pm »
(For finnish people / Suomenkielen käyttäjille: I won't write this in finnish / En kirjoita tätä suomeksi.
Jos jotain kysyttävää, pistä replyä.)

When starting first time the game, it will ask your name / nickname, what is used
locally and multiplayer server games.

After name is given. You can choose Local-Stand Alone game (Skirmish) or connect to
server for multiplayer Network games. There is a two Network game methods. As "Lobby",
where you or someone else selects a map for game. And as a "Battle", when one of clients
will select the map randomly for everyone.

In the Network lobby, you can choose one of allready started games, or create a new one By yourself.

If you create your own game, you have to select a map, what will be used as game arena.

Or you can join a game, created by someone else. Just click a "Join" button.

When you are joined to game, you will see next this screen. It will inform you and others,
how many players are online and how many missing. When all slots are filled, the game starts

The Battle "Wait screen" is similar. (There is a bug in code, and this screen didn't show my name
as red player...

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