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ToDo list / Tehtävälista
« on: April 24, 2017, 10:45:35 pm »
Urgent things to do / Kiirelliset tehtävät

Things to do                                                                                                                                                              CodingInfoReady

Create farmer worker animation24.04.2017Initial animation24.04.2017
Repair the road coloring. Doesn't turn green, when ready to connect to existing road :-( 25.04.2017Final25.04.2017
Create settings main page26.04.2017Functioning27.04.2017
Create general settings26.04.2017NOT functioning yet
Create audio settings27.04.2017Functioning27.04.2017
Create graphic settings27.04.2017Functioning27.04.2017
Create input settings27.04.2017NOT functioning yet-
Add saved game list to Save Game menu---
Make top of screen items list interractive by objects touched by mouse---
Create windmill worker animation01.05.2017Initial animation02.05.2017
Create stone cutter worker animation30.04.2017Initial animation30.04.2017
Create miners animations---
Create tool maker animation---
Create weapon maker animation---
Create herber animation---
Create baker animation11.05.2017Initial animation21.05.2017
Create vinery animation---
Create beer maker animation---
Create pig farmer animation---
Create chicken farmer animation---
Create horse stable animation---
Create barracks for soldiers---
Create better fighting AI---
Fix Save/Load bug from road system. Bug reason founded at 26.04.2017. Requires coding...-Prevent "autoroad if close enough" after saved game load-

Initial animation = Need more fine work later on, but can be use as a game object
Under coding... = I'm working currently with this part. Writing code & possible animations.

...more to come...
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